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About us

Company Tamilla Sea Foods is founded in Mersin, the port city of the Mediterranean that functions as an intercontinental bridge. The Company had become active in 2011 and is the first and unique seafood processing, packaging and storing facility in the Eastern Mediterranean area and is also providing logistics services. In the industry in which it operates, Tamilla Sea Foods provides fast, high quality and economic solutions as it adopts as its basic principle to act with sensitivity to health and environment. Therefore, it meets the expectations of its customers, employees and suppliers at the highest level with respect to the individual and the society.
Performing the establishment with the states-of-the-art technology equipment; with the contribution provided by the in-house analysis and the with processing, packaging, storage and logistics services, the Company aims at providing fast delivery of the best quality products to prevent unnecessary loss of time. In addition, all processes at Tamilla Sea Foods are carried out strictly in accordance with EU standards.


Combined modern production systems and technology with the qualified workforce, provision of customer satisfaction oriented, health and environmentally conscious services in the EU standards is the basic policy of our company to enhance the competitiveness and market share.


Our Services


Our products are passed through electronic sizing machines and divided according to their weights or emboweled and filleted during procession stage and made ready for packaging after being smoked, fresh chilled and frozen.


The Company has an annual processing capacity of 5,000,000 kg, it has 2000 m2 closed cold storage area installed on 4.000 m2 area, all made of isolated panels built on steel consoles and doors are made suitable for the cold rooms.


Our products are packed at the desired sizes and shapes and delivered to our customers in both the domestic and foreign markets.


Tamilla Sea Foods presents the diligence it demonstrates to its business to your disposal with the renewed fleet by combining the experience it has gained in the field of logistics since 2011.

Our Machines

The KERRES JET SMOKE universal smokehouses provide a constant quality with all smoking processes and heat treatment methods. The smouldering of the sawdust in the separate smoke generator and the exact co-ordinated circulation in the smokehouse ensure first-class products. The fully automatic process control enables reliable repeatable production processes.

The GEBA SC 125 V is an outstanding machine for slicing fixed-weight products. It performs with an exceptional degree of accuracy, and delivers top-quality products with minimum giveaway. The GEBA SC 125 V has a slicing capacity of up to 125 cuts per minute, making it the fastest singlelane slicer on the market.

The freezer can be used as a stand-alone unit or as an integrated part of a fully automated processing line.

The I-Cut 130 PortionCutter is the ideal solution for high-value portioning of salmon into fixed-weight and fixed-length portions. It has been designed with advanced salmon-specific software to guarantee maximum return on investment.

Our Products


*Please get in touch for other types of fishes in our product range.

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